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Meet Jamila Tyson, your
Total Wellness Health Coach!

Jamila O. Tyson, a Dallas, Texas native, has a strong passion for seeing women live their best lives. As a health and wellness coach, and mother of 5, Jamila, is passionate about focusing on the whole person and creating a safe and supportive space for women, especially moms, to honor their needs and empower them on their health journey. Emphasizing each of her client's unique life experiences, goals, and dreams, Jamila creates a custom action plan that supports them and promotes holistic and healthy living with Grace and Grit! Jamila brings a healing presence to her work and talks through compassion, empathy, active/deep listening, and communication skills. She is excited to share her expertise and experiences. In her spare time, Jamila loves singing, dancing, creating, and spending time with her family.  


for the transformation of a lifetime? 

I recognize that women, especially moms, struggle with maintaining a healthy lifestyle because there is oftentimes something that can overshadow her time and attention. As a mom and fitness and wellness educator, I am passionate about focusing on the whole person and showing these women simple strategies that will help them create an action plan that promotes holistic and healthy living with Grace & Grit!


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Keynote Speaker | Professional Panelist | Facilitator 
Workshop Host | Group Health Coaching | 1:1 Health Coaching

Coach Jamila empowers women to live a healthy lifestyle with Grace & Grit!


  • The Mind-Body Connection

    • Growth Mindset

    • Fixed Mindset

  • Why Diet's Don't Work

    • The importance of a lifestyle change and how to get started.

  • Stress Reduction & Self-Care

    • How stress impacts our weight

  • Exercise Strategies for Working Moms

    • Simple tips to get moving

  • The Power of Sleep and Recovery

    • How we can stunt our weight loss journey without proper rest

  • 5 Tips on how to Boost Motivation

    • How getting started is the key to motivation

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