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Direction & Guidance 

Jamila, I wanted to personally thank you for your support and encouragement throughout this process and wish you health and happiness. I know for a fact your advice and feedback helped keep me on track and guide me back when I was lost and frustrated. I would have quit several times had I not had your direction and guidance to get me back where I needed to be. I’m not at my goal weight yet but that’s ok, it takes time and I know I’m worth it! I also don’t hate who I see in the mirror anymore and that was my "Why" so mission accomplished! 


Best I've Ever Had

I am so grateful for you, Jamila. This has been the best therapy that I have had. It has helped me work through the issues I have had with food and made me aware of how I'm really feeling. Although our time together is ending, I will continue to work the program that you have recommended and would also love to reach out to you still from time to time. Thank you!"

Patty G

Follow The Plan

I had the pleasure of meeting Jamila in college years ago. Years later we reconnected on Facebook and while catching up she told me about her business of being a health coach. It’s funny because I was thinking about talking to a nutritionist and God sent me a friend that’s one. I must say from the start we didn’t agree on my sweet intake and how much I should be eating. After I realized that she wasn’t going to let me do what I wanted, I started to follow her plan. I am so happy with that choice and my body is also. Jamila is a caring sweet person and always checks in on me to make sure I am not going crazy with my sweets.

Demarques C.

A Great Week

I am feeling great about this week! And PLEASE check in with me. I have you in the back of my mind and it genuinely helps me make better choices. You are a blessing, more than you know. I'm thankful for you, Jamila!


A Friend

Oh my gosh, I can't believe we are done with the program. I seriously feel like I am saying a forever goodbye to a friend! (Because if I've done this correctly, I won't need to come back again :-)) I know I still have access to you, but I also want to wish you the best as well!! 

Jill B.

Beautiful Style

Jamila has a beautiful style that keeps it fun and engaging. She has done her research and she is knowledgeable.

Charlene S.

Game Changer

Coach Jamila is the absolute truth! Talented, beautiful, and passionate are just a few words to describe her. Jamila has a beautiful spirit and it truly is highlighted with her gorgeous smile. She wants everyone to win, whether it’s leveling up their mindsets or improving their overall physical health. She’s a game changer!

Tyisha J.

Cleaning Out The Closet

Hi Jamila! I want to tell you about what happened this weekend. Our local high school was sponsoring a textile drive for a nearby homeless shelter so I went through my closet. I started throwing in things I don't wear much anymore and found a box full of my pre-pregnancy jeans. I haven't worn any of these in almost 8 years. I thought I would try them on just to make sure they didn't fit, but they did! I could not believe it! I thought maybe the first pair was a fluke and the others really won't fit, but they ALL did. I still threw most of them into the donate pile but I was just so shocked.


Shift Your Mindset

I had the opportunity to attend Jamila's workshop and I enjoyed myself. She has a warm and welcoming energy and environment. The workshop brought together several women where we were able to bond with one another. Her voice is amazing. Her workshop taught us tips on how to go from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. I learned actionable steps that I could immediately take. If you are looking to go to the next level on your health journey and shift your mindset hire Jamila!! 

Brooke W.

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